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  • MERCI Services, a premiere Bioskills destination.

    To make your program a success, MERCI offers a multitude of services for a turnkey experience.

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At MERCI, you can expect the highest level of customer care and service. In addition to excellence in didactic and laboratory services, the MERCI team can assist you in creating a turnkey experience including catering, transportation, hotel recommendations and audio-visual support. There’s no better location than MERCI for local attendees or those flying or traveling.
Our catering partner creates fresh seasonal menus paying careful attention to the dietary needs of guests. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, receptions, snacks and beverage service are just some of the options to choose from. With a dedicated dining space, MERCI allows attendees to dine while monitors throughout the space keep them connected to the events of the day.
MERCI also boasts an interactive site with audio-visual technology found in all areas including the laboratory space. Demo stations, live feeds and other interactive services keep attendees engaged in the educational programming. MERCI can also provide on-site technicians for more advanced audio-visual needs as your program requires.
Specimen management is a key component in conducting a safe hands-on training program. MERCI is equipped with extensive storage in a secure location to manage inbound and outbound specimen shipments. MERCI works with AATB accredited providers and requires serology testing including Hepatitis B and C as well as HIV 1 and 2.
The MERCI catering package includes breakfast, lunch as well as snacks and drinks which are refreshed throughout the day.
Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is just 2.4 miles from MERCI which allows many forms of travel to nearby destinations.
MERCI works to create an interactive environment connecting attendees to the educational content provided by the client.
Working with accredited non-transplant donation organizations to provide specimens to facilitate hands-on medical education.