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  • MERCI Facility, a premiere Bioskills destination.

    MERCI was designed to accommodate the flow of an impressive medical education program.

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Guests are welcomed through a spacious lobby with rooms for luggage storage and other personal belongings. A large registration space is provided to accommodate sign-in, waver completion, and a familiar friendly face to greet them.
MERCI has 24,000 square feet of space to explore including a dedicated dining area with a double sided buffet, drink station and seating for 100 guests. Flat Screen displays are thought the facility to allow for educational content to be streamed.
The main laboratory space is expansive with room to accommodate multiple configurations depending on the procedure, the number of attendees and equipment utilized. With this design, every client has the opportunity to create an ideal learning environment for their audience.
Other areas of interest include multiple conference rooms ideal for smaller break-out sessions, meetings or employee workspaces, separate from the Bioskills learning space, faculty, attendees, and client representatives can enjoy a modern and spacious venue.
For VIP or one-on-one training, MERCI offers a second, smaller-scale laboratory space ideal for one-station training.
This VIP experience is a great option for anyone, with its proximity to Chicago and O’Hare International Airport.
MERCI works with AATB accredited providers and requires serology testing including Hepatitis B and C as well as HIV 1 and 2.
Both laboratory experiences are available to be utilized simultaneously. Please contact MERCI for more information.